St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance has been located in Erith since 1906. Its current membership is made up of three age groups.

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7 – 10 is our Badger group who meet on Monday evenings from 5.20pm – 6.45 pm.
10 – 18 is our Cadet group who meet on Monday evenings from 6.15pm – 8.15 pm.
18+ is our Adult group who meet on Monday evenings from 8.15pm – 9.45 pm.

Please call Dean Gardiner 07974 219471 for further information and details on how to join.

  • We provide medical cover for events
  • Our volunteers provide first aid in their communities
  • We give people access to important skills
  • We strive to provide the best quality care at all times
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Here is some pictures of what St John Ambulance do.
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St John 1

Chessington 2016

St John 2

Civic Parade 2016

St John 3


St John 4

Trooping 2016

St John 5

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